Here is a list of some of the questions we get asked the most:

Q;  Why are clothes taking two or three times to dry?

A;  The most common cause of long drying times, is a clogged vent.  In most cases, cleaning the dryer vent will solve the problem.  The key is, if your dryer turns on and gets hot inside, their is nothing wrong with the dryer, It’s your vent.  It should only take 30 to 40 minutes to dry a standard load of laundry.


Q;  If my dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes, should I call an appliance repair company?

A;  In most cases, No.  If the dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes, but the dryer turns on and gets hot, It is just the vent that needs to be cleaned.


Q; How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

A; For families of three or more, once a year.  For part time residents and homes with two people, once every two years.


Q;  Can my dryer really start a fire if my vent is clogged?

A;  Yes.  If the vent is blocked, the hot air it is trying to push out the vent, gets pushed back into the dryer and causes the dryer to over heat.  It also causes the motor to over heat which causes the windings to over heat and short out.


Q;  Can water build up in my vent system?

A;  YES.  If your vent is blocked and the moisture that the dryer is trying to remove from the clothes can’t get out, it builds up in the system and possibly in your dryer.  We have seen cases where we get over five gallons of water out of systems that have had a major blockage for a long time.


Q;  Can I put a screen over the termination point to keep birds and other animals out?

A;  NO!  The building code is very specific to this point and does not allow for any screens on the termination point.  The reason is simple.  If you put a screen on the vent cover, it will act just like your lint screen in your dryer and build up over time.  At that point, it will completely block the vent and cause the system to back up.  In fact, this is the biggest causes that we find on blocked dryer vents.  If we come out to clean your vent and their is a screen or bird guard on it, we are Required by code and the Fire Department, to remove and discard them.


Q;  My dryer vents straight out through the wall.  Does it need to be cleaned also?

A;  Yes.  Even the short, through-the-wall vents, need to be cleaned.  They too can build up over time and block up.


Q;  Can I use vinyl tubing to connect my dryer to the vent?

A;  NO!  the exhaust from your dryer, especially at the connection point, get very hot.  Vinyl tubing is not fire proof and will melt very easily from the hot metal parts it is connected to.


Q;  Can’t I clean my vent myself with a brush kit from Lowes or Home Depot?

A;  Yes, you can.  BUT, we have found that most DIY cleanings do not get done correctly and they have to call us anyway, costing double what the cleaning would have cost in the first place.  Most DIY cleanings just push the lint to the roof vent and cause even more of a blockage OR they get the brushes stuck in the vent.


Q;  Is it safe to have my vent cleaned with brushes?

A;  It depends on what your vent is made out of.  Some vents are corrugated aluminum which comes apart very easily using brushes.  Even solid galvanize pipe vents could come apart using brushes.  Brushes are very damaging to system that aren’t put together well or are old systems that are fragile.  We use a system specially  designed for dryer vent system.  We use 200psi air pressure with a special reverse blowing tip, that spins as it goes through the system, blowing all the lint to the exterior of the system.  This system put no pressure on the vent system and does not blow the lint back into the dryer.


Didn’t find your question here?  Call us!  We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.